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Considering Google Workspace? Buying from Google vs. Resellers

Buying Google Workspace from Google versus Reseller partners.

When deciding to implement Google Workspace for your new collaboration and messaging system, or even switching from a different one, it’s crucial to understand your options. You can either buy directly from Google or opt for a reseller. Here’s what you should consider to make an informed choice.

Direct Purchase from Google

You can easily go to the Google Workspace official website, start a 14-day free trial with your credit card, and evaluate the service. However, there are significant considerations before entering your information and starting the trial, as it comes with substantial implications.

Once you register your company info and domain name, your details are locked into Google’s system. This means you cannot take advantage of various promotions that resellers might offer.

Recent Changes in Google’s Policy

Google has recently changed its margin structure for reseller partners. The new policy significantly reduces the margins for resellers when they acquire ‘transfer’ customers from Google or another reseller. Essentially, the margins are almost non-existent after credit card fees. As a result, resellers have little motivation to acquire existing Google Workspace customers due to minimal profit margins.

Benefits of Using Resellers

When you buy or start a free trial through resellers, several benefits become available:

1. Promotions and Flexible Payment Options: Resellers often provide promotional deals and more flexible payment options compared to purchasing directly from Google.

2. Enhanced Support: While Google offers 24/7 support, resellers generally provide better-managed support tailored to your needs.

3. Additional Support Channel: If you are a direct customer and are unhappy with Google Workspace support, you have no choice but to deal with Google. Meanwhile, if you work with a reseller, you gain an additional support channel. This extra layer of support can be crucial in resolving issues more efficiently.

4. Negotiation Power: Resellers can offer negotiation opportunities and additional services such as data migration, backup solutions, and add-ons for Google Workspace.

5. Strategic Flexibility: Starting with a reseller offers long-term strategic advantages. If your business needs to change platforms in the future, a reseller can facilitate a smoother transition. Once you switch directly to Google, resellers have little incentive to reacquire you, limiting your options.

Long-term Strategy

It’s often more beneficial to start with a reseller and switch to Google if you’re not satisfied. This approach allows you to explore all the benefits resellers offer without locking yourself into a direct relationship with Google from the outset. 

Resellers also provide a strategic advantage as your business evolves. Should you need to switch from Google Workspace to another platform, having a reseller partner can make the process significantly smoother.

Contact Gear Cloud Solutions

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gear Cloud Solutions is a partner for Google Workspace, Google Chrome, Google Meet hardware, Google for Education, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox. We also offer Google Workspace-based add-on apps. Contact us to find the best implementation journey for Google Workspace and make the most of its offerings. 

Disclaimer: Choosing between buying Google Workspace directly from Google or through a reseller depends on your specific needs and strategic goals. In general, resellers offer significant advantages, especially regarding promotions, support, and flexibility, making them a worthy consideration for your Google Workspace implementation.